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Data Scientist Tayte Campbell, PhD Joins Pluton Biosciences

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Dr. Tayte Campbell has joined the Pluton Biosciences team as a Data Scientist.

At Pluton, Dr. Campbell characterizes novel microbial natural products, using computational genomics to study microbial communities and isolates. He brings a decade of experience studying microbial communities; in several environments, using a variety of genomics and transcriptomics methods.

“We are truly excited to have Dr. Campbell as the first hire for our Data Science Team. Dr. Campbell brings a unique perspective with his vast experience, which spans a variety of computational genomic approaches to understand the phenotypic observations in various microbial systems.” - Dr. Boahemaa Adu-Oppong, Director of Data Science

Prior to joining Pluton, Dr. Campbell completed a post-doctorate position at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and taught as an adjunct professor at Washington State University. He holds a PhD in Plant and Microbial Bioscience from Washington University in St. Louis, and BS and MS degrees in Environmental Science from Brigham Young University.


At Pluton Biosciences, we are making discovery of novel microbes not only possible, but also commercially viable. Our revolutionary Micromining Innovation Engine, a tool like no other, empowers the Pluton Biosciences team to discover novel microbes in months, not years, using a fraction of the staff employed by other laboratories.

Pluton quickly and inexpensively taps into the diverse world of bacteria, fungi, amoebae, and viruses, to discover and develop next-generation products to address challenges to the climate, agriculture, pharmaceutical, biomaterials, and bioremediation sectors.


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