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Pluton Bio Wins the Radicle Carbon & Soil Challenge Competition

Pluton Biosciences has won the 2022 Radicle Carbon & Soil Competition Challenge by UPL.

The company edged out more than 150 entries to earn first place honors, along with $1 million in funding plus exposure to Radicle Growth and UPL Ltd. executives, deep agricultural expertise, and a global network of industry thought leaders. Steve Slater, CEO at Pluton Biosciences, conveyed the Pluton team’s excitement about the win, saying,

“We are honored to be selected from this talented cohort of finalists, as this recognition by Radicle & UPL further validates our company's mission and approach to developing products that feed the world while reversing climate change."

The Radicle Challenge was pioneered by Radicle Growth, a company that invests in innovative ag and food tech start-ups, ensuring that powerful, disruptive technologies reach their full potential. In collaboration with UPL, this competition provided a platform for trailblazing entrepreneurs who share UPL's vision to reimagine sustainability for the role of decarbonization in global agriculture.

The Challenge recognizes the best and brightest entrepreneurs solving a problem related to key investment themes, or looking to disrupt an existing business model in the ag and food industries.


At Pluton Biosciences, we are making discovery of novel microbes not only possible, but also commercially viable. Our revolutionary Micromining Innovation Engine, a tool like no other, empowers the Pluton Biosciences team to discover novel microbes in months, not years, using a fraction of the staff employed by other laboratories.

Pluton quickly and inexpensively taps into the diverse world of bacteria, fungi, amoebae, and viruses, to discover and develop next-generation products to address challenges to the climate, agriculture, pharmaceutical, biomaterials, and bioremediation sectors.


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