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Meet Our Investors

Our investors make progress possible by sharing our passion and boldly supporting our work.


Better Ventures backs mission-driven founders, leveraging breakthrough innovations in science and technology to build a more sustainable and equitable economy in which both people and planet thrive. The organization invests in software, data science, and life sciences startups that are innovating across industries in ways that will deliver big profits and measurable progress towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The core investment thesis of Better Ventures is that mission-driven companies outperform the market thanks to the magnetic force of purpose, which fuels intrinsic founder motivation and drives key competitive advantages in hiring, attracting resources, and building an enduring brand.


Through the Grantham Environmental Trust, the Grantham Foundation takes early stage positions in important, yet underfunded climate opportunities. The organization looks at sectors that are overlooked and underestimated by other investors, and often invests at very early stages. The Grantham Environmental Trust supports the ideas that the world needs, but that others can’t help move forward. In the belief that innovation and technology are the best hope for an enduring future, the organization invests to redesign our energy systems; to improve soil health; to spare the ocean from acidification; to directly recapture  carbon from the atmosphere—and more. 


Fall Line Capital is funding the future of farming by refining investment in farmland and technology. With a vision for realizing untapped productivity, the organization purchases and actively manages farmland throughout the United States, and invests in technology companies strategic to their land holdings. Their team’s combination of experience in both venture capital and agriculture makes Fall Line a unique capital partner for early stage technology companies focused on the agriculture market. 


First In Ventures is an early-stage biotech investment firm that has partnered with one of the leading life sciences accelerators in the world.  They provide seed capital, follow-on capital, and valuable industry experience to selected accelerator companies and other startups operating at the intersection of genomics and data science. They are passionate about life sciences and are willing to take risk when risk is at its highest and work hard in whatever role necessary to help brave founders achieve far reaching goals.


The mission of The Yield Lab is to enable entrepreneurs to sustainably revolutionize agrifood systems globally, by investing in and accelerating high-impact early-stage companies all around the world. Launched in 2014, the Yield Lab North America, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is the original Yield Lab branded accelerator. This accelerator invests in early-stage technology companies that revolutionize agricultural and food systems to sustainably provide for the world. The Yield Lab North America has a global affinity network to help each portfolio company in its pursuit of growth. 


Wing Ventures leads Seed and Series A financings in transformative enterprise technology companies. Wing invests early, often before product or revenue, putting substantial capital and strategic resources into each company throughout its lifecycle. The organization partners with a small number of founders and works at their side until the journey is complete. Wing’s body of work spans more than two decades of partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs, to help build dozens of successful companies. 

Angel Investors

Since our start in 2017, various individual investors have helped “seed” Pluton’s success, including several Founders. As a result, Pluton can boast that alongside our Angels, 100% of our Board of Directors and C-Suite team have made investments in Pluton.   

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