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Pluton Launches Website Highlighting Microbial Testing Division

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Pluton has launched a new website, branding and updated services for Microbe Inotech Laboratories (MiL).

Microbe Inotech's new website features an updated logo and branding, plus pages highlighting staff bios, laboratory testing certifications, recent company news and an updated line of testing capabilities. The new website can be viewed at

"Keeping businesses and their staff and customers safe from dangerous microbes is Microbe Inotech's top priority, so we wanted to make sure that the new website conveys that particularly important message. We also wanted a new website that was welcoming to visitors, simple to navigate, and provided easy-to-understand descriptions of available testing services," said Pluton CEO Charlie Walch. "I believe Microbe Inotech's new website achieves these goals."

Testing services featured on Microbe Inotech's new website include:

  • Water Quality - Testing water samples for pathogens such as Legionella,E. coli and Salmonella that can grow undetected in water systems and cause waterborne illnesses.

  • Healthcare - Comprehensive water, air and surface testing for dangerous microbes in healthcare and nursing home facilities.

  • Environmental - Identifying microbial pathogens in the environment through bioremediation, soil, water and mycotoxin testing.

  • Agricultural - Soil testing to evaluate plant-microbe interactions, amendments, herbicides and plant and animal pathogens.

  • Microbial Research and Discovery - Discovering new ways to use bacteria, fungi and viruses to make next-generation products for the pesticide, agriculture, pharma and bioremediation industries through MiL's parent company Pluton Biosciences.

  • Industrial - Quality screening for microbial contaminants to ensure product quality and to safeguard manufacturing processes and products.

  • Microbial Identification - Utilizing state-of-the-art genomic approaches to identify various types of bacteria, yeast and fungi present in a variety of environmental samples.


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