Pluton's Microbe Inotech Lab Not Disrupted by COVID-19

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Pluton’s Testing Division Microbe Inotech (MiL) is committed to remaining open and providing lab testing services for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States. As a provider of food, water and environmental safety tests for microbial pathogens, we anticipate qualifying as a “vital industry” to remain open should a “shelter-in-place” order be issued in St. Louis, our lab’s location.

That said, as a microbiology lab, we are fully aware that the COVID-19 virus could sideline our lab staff, regardless of our intentions. Accordingly, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep proper social distancing inside our workplace and working with our staff to limit contact with the public outside of work.

As of now, we have the capacity to continue testing without disruption to our services and plan to remain open until further notice. Please feel free to call 1-800-688-9144 with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your lab testing needs. Or you can email our new CEO Charlie Walch directly at Charlie assumed the CEO position in December from Dr. Bruce Hemming when Pluton Biosciences, a microbial discovery startup founded by Charlie and Dr. Barry Goldman, purchased MiL. MiL is now the testing division of Pluton. Dr. Hemming remains with the company as a consultant.

Thank you for your support of Microbe Inotech. We will do our best to remain of service in the coming days. For your information, below are letters sent to public health officials from our trade associations explaining the critical role testing labs play in protecting our environment and our economy.

Stay Safe!

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